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What is SPACE Internship?

4 upper division unit, graded course at UCLA

🌏  Join SPACE Internship.

Join our internship class that meets every Monday from 3-5 PM! Get 4 upper-div graded units while learning about your identity and issues that Filipinos/Filipino-Americans face when trying to access higher education. SPACE Internship is facilitated by Alexia Macahilas and PTSP's Bayanihan Investment Coordinator, Arlo Alegre.

Interns will be able to:

  • Visit & volunteer at SPACE sites

  • Learn relevant education

  • Present on a topic of interest at the end of the quarter

Click HERE for the spring internship application form! For any question or concerns, please contact Arlo Alegre at or Alexia Macahilas at

🕒  Past Assignments

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