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Every story holds its own power.

Established and hosted by our SPACE x Carson Student Ambassadors, "SPACE Pod" is a podcast that showcases the unique individuals in the Pilipinx/Pilipinx-American community. Providing a platform for students and staff members to speak about their community experiences, SPACE Pod also engages in dialogue to bring awareness to relevant social/cultural/political issues regarding:

  • Understanding of academic goals and needs in order to take active ownership of their education

  • Holistic development to face the demands and overcome the challenges of everyday life

  • Empowerment to improve community conditions, remove the barriers to higher education, and achieve postsecondary goals

  • Involvement in SPACE programs and how their experiences cultivate cultural awareness and critical consciousness


If you are interested in being interviewed and featured on our weekly podcast, please fill out our interest form linked below! Experience with SPACE is recommended, but not necessary. We just want to get to know you!

We provide the space, you provide the story.

Our episodes air live on every Wednesday at 8:00pm!

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